The enchanting Bosa

Bosa is one of the most charming destinations in Sardinia. Located on the western coast of the island, this medieval town offers a breathtaking view of the crystal-clear waters of the Temo river and the surrounding hills.

Aperitif among the olive trees

Experience the first picnic among the olive trees in Sardinia. Imagine indulging in a picnic among the olive trees, overlooking the Malaspina Castle, accompanied by fine wine, food, and music. You can close your eyes, listen to the sounds of nature, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy the beauty of the landscape. Each group will have an assigned olive tree, along with a bottle of wine of your choice and an aperitif box for each couple. During the aperitif, you will be entertained with a live music performance.

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Sit back and embark on a captivating journey of approximately one hour, exploring the historical and natural wonders of Bosa at sunset. An aperitif that combines the unique flavors of Sardinian wines and cuisine with the beauty of Bosa and the Temo River at dusk. From the Old Bridge to the mouth of Bosa Marina, we'll navigate along the Temo River, making our way to the submerged Roman bridge and the Romanesque church of San Pietro. Immerse yourself in the panoramic beauty and rich history of this enchanting place as you witness the mesmerizing colors of the sunset painting the landscape. This unforgettable experience will leave you with cherished memories of Bosa's charm and allure.

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Bosa Marina

Bosa Marina is the coastal hamlet of Bosa and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area. Here you can find fine sandy beaches bathed by crystal-clear waters and a tourist marina with boats offering excursions on the Temo river and the surrounding coast.

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The Cathedral and the Museums

Bosa, a historic city in Sardinia, is rich in monuments, museums, and churches that tell the story of the city. Among the most important monuments are the Malaspina Castle, a symbol of the city, and the Aragonese Tower, an imposing defensive structure. The Civic Museum, on the other hand, houses a vast collection of archaeological artifacts and works of art that document the history of the city and Sardinia.

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The Historic Center

The historic center of Bosa is a charming and evocative place that tells the story of the city through its alleys, colorful houses, historic buildings, and ancient churches. Walking through the streets of the historic center means immersing oneself in an authentic atmosphere, where the past and the present meet and merge.

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